Converge Rx™​

A workflow-integrated platform to perform, record, and bill non-dispensing patient care events such as Comprehensive Medical Reviews, Medication Adherence Compliance, Immunization reminders, and more.


DeliverTargeted Clinical Care

  • Reach patients for specialized, targeted care using real-time pharmacy and clinical data centralized in a single application
  • Simplify healthcare business in narrow networks, and keep clinicians, pharmacists, and staff feeling confident
  • Help increase revenue through eligibility and targeting programs, and gain visibility into additional vaccination opportunities, via immunization history and forecasting
  • Accomplish more business while improving your patients’ well-being
  • Improve adherence scores and decrease DIR fees
  • Improve patient outcomes, intervention guidance through point-of-care clinical programs

Standardized, Interoperable Record of Care

  • Workflow Integration

    • Works in lockstep with your dispensing system, creating a limitless array of opportunities for preventative care, education, communication, and your unique business needs.
    • Notifications, edits, alerts, halts, and opportunities appear within dispensing system workflow. Information may be used at store or corporate levels to help reduce labor costs while improving patient outcomes.
    • Robust scheduling and appointment management by enabling providers to define available appointment times, change appointments on the go, and even work missed appointments.
  • Analytics

    • Puts valuable data sets at your fingertips when paired with the Explore Dx business intelligence tool. 
    • Analytics capabilities provide opportunities for operational, financial, and clinical analysis.
    • Equipped with our business intelligence tool, identifies patients for program opportunities; intuitively linking patients.

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