Medical Claim Attachments

An electronic medical claim solution for providers, payers, third-party administrators and partners who want to eliminate manual attachments processes to help improve revenue cycle efficiency.

What’s Included in Medical Claim Attachments

  • Simplified attachment workflows

    • Provides multiple options for providers to submit attachments
    • Includes built-in payer requirements
    • Electronically delivers attachments to payers and TPAs
    • Requests, receives, tracks, and manages attachments using the online portal
  • Helps accelerates reimbursement

    • Allows providers to send the right documents with the appropriate information
    • Reduces calls to payers and administrators to obtain attachment requirements
    • Reduces the need to follow up on lost paper attachments
    • Increases the potential for faster claims payments
  • Direct connections

    • Connects to more than 800,000 providers and 2,100 payers
    • Increases your volume of electronic transactions
    • Helps improves efficiency with streamlined workflows
    • Ties medical attachments directly to claims

5 medical claim solutionfeatures to help improve revenue cycle efficiency

Woman at desk looking at computer screen

Achieve a more streamlined workflow

Drive efficiency by sending and receiving attachments electronically with their associated claims. 

Man sitting at desk working on a computer

Use a medical claim solution to improve accuracy

Submit the correct documentation the first time by accessing payer-specific requirements and attaching documentation and information directly to the claim.

Two nurses looking at something

Save time

Help reduce customer-service calls by offering visibility into claim and attachment status. 

man in glasses looking at computer

Help decrease costs

Use our medical claim solution to help reduce the administrative burden and costs of paper workflows by using electronic medical claims and attachments.

Resources and Brochures
  • Infographic
    How Electronic Attachments Help You Drive Efficiency

    Discover how you can help overcome the high cost of processing paper and fax claims attachments with Change Healthcare’s flexible Attachments solution.


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