Radiology Regional Maximizes Digital Mammography Reading Efficiency

How an all-in-one workstation for mammography and radiology accelerated turnaround and increased study volume

An inefficient reading process for digital breast tomosynthesis decreased turnaround times.  

Radiology Regional’s clinicians had to navigate between two workstations to compare a patient’s 3D images with breast MRIs and ultrasounds completed on a different modality. 

When you open the patient record, the Mammography opens up, the ultrasound opens up, and the breast MRI opens up. You have it all right there laid out in front of you.

Dr. Robert Stanfill - Radiologist and Board Member - Radiology Regional Center

Increased volume and decreased read-times for digital mammography

The practice’s radiologists can now read 3D images at almost the same speed as they were originally reading 2D images. Radiology Regional was so pleased with the results that it built display protocols for every modality, not just mammography.

Solutions Included
Change Healthcare Mammography Plus icon

Change Healthcare Mammography Plus

Change Healthcare Mammography Plus

Advanced mammography imaging interpretation from any workstation

Increase efficiency with a single web-based platform for radiology PACS, full-field digital mammography (FFDM), and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT). Simplify the user experience and eliminate the need for dedicated mammography workstations.


  • Improve productivity with features such as standards-based IHE MG profiles, zoom-to-fit on anatomic region of interest, sector zoom, back-to-back image placement, and more
  • Access reports, historical information, and documentation from one workflow
  • Quickly load, navigate, and manipulate large DBT datasets in Change Healthcare Radiology
  • Display reporting assessment categories for a fast, visual assessment of the patient’s breast exam history
  • View current and prior images sequentially for rapid image comparison, reducing the need for complex display protocols 
Change Healthcare Radiology Solutions™ icon

Change Healthcare Radiology Solutions™

Change Healthcare Radiology Solutions™

The ultimate web-based enterprise radiology PACS platform

Support better patient care with advanced clinical workflows and quantitative analysis capabilities integrated directly into the radiologist’s read flow. Improve performance with a scalable platform, intuitive workflow tools, and real-time collaboration.


  • Help reduce IT costs by simplifying support, vendor management, and training with our unified, enterprise PACS
  • Customize your platform package with VNA options, 3D advanced visualization, mammography, and a rules-based workflow engine
  • Streamline CT and MR interpretation workflows with 16 embedded advanced visualization applications for reading CT and MR exams
  • Support quality care by providing the entire care team with immediate access to patients’ complete imaging history
  • Manage referring physician consultations by allowing radiologists to control their availability and connect with members of the care team in real time

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