Re-Examining Radiology with Change Healthcare


Look to the future in advancing health care. New digital access, connection and delivery mechanisms to advance the contemporary landscape.

Are you ready to explore the exciting advancements in radiology and how they are shaping the future of health care? Look no further. We’ve created an in-depth e-book that delves into the transformative changes happening in the field of radiology and their impact on advancing health care.

In this e-book, "Re-examining radiology: A look to the future in advancing health care," our expert author, Daniel Ruppar, consulting director of healthcare & life sciences at Frost & Sullivan, takes you on a journey through the evolving landscape of radiology. Gain valuable insights into the challenges and pressures facing the industry, the expectations of radiology professionals, and the innovative solutions that are revolutionizing the way medical imaging is performed and delivered.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find in the e-book:

  • The current state of health care and its impact on radiology
  • The work expectations and needs of radiology professionals
  • Re-examining the health care experience in radiology
  • The role of artificial intelligence in transforming radiology workflows
  • The power of a unified patient record in improving care outcomes
  • The digital front door and its impact on imaging efficiency and patient communication
  • The rise of hybrid work and the benefits of teleradiology
  • The potential of cloud-native enterprise imaging in creating a new image of radiology

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