Dental Converge

Online claiming software for dental practices who want more efficient submission, tracking, visibility, and payment. Formerly known as Dental Connect™.


Use Dental Converge claims softwarefor speed and accuracy

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Gain visibility for increased efficiency

With Dental Converge (formerly Dental Connect) you’ll get increased visibility to operational efficiencies with the ability to track claims from submission to adjudication. That means you’ll be able to submit, monitor, and validate claims status and payment details for improved remittance times.

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Leverage our network to speed processes

Use our network to access more than 700 payers nationwide to quickly check eligibility. Plus, get paid quickly and securely with electronic funds transfer.

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Go electronic and spend more time offline

Reduce paperwork and storage needs with secure online claims processing and data storage. You’ll be able to spend more time with patients and clients and less time on pesky paperwork.

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Build reports to manage workflows

Create reports to more effectively monitor and manage workflows by easily exporting data and selecting the most relevant information. You’ll be able to view daily counts by provider, rejections by provider, missing NPIs, and more.

What’s Included in Dental Converge (formerly Dental Connect)

  • Connecting providers and payers

    • Secure online eligibility submissions
    • Use self-service provider applications
    • Improve remittance times
    • Validate claims before submission to reduce re-work
  • Streamline your business

    • Spend less time managing details
    • Spend more time connecting with patients
    • Take paperwork online to free up physical storage space
  • Activate cashflow

    • Submit accurate claims and get paid faster
    • Get an inexpensive and comprehensive tool
    • Complement other practice management programs

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