For Customers Using our Clearance Solutions: COVID-19 Authorization and Billing Changes

If you are a provider who uses one of our Clearance revenue cycle products, here are updates related to the current COVID-19 pandemic:

Prior Authorization

  • Clearance Authorization has already made changes to support new payer-specific authorization requirements such as suspending the PA requirement for Chest CTs. As additional changes are needed, Clearance Authorization will be updated.
  • Delivery: Screening rules update every night. Therefore, customers will automatically receive these updates and are not dependent on a release. 

Medical Necessity

  • The Clearance Medical Necessity solution’s database of diagnosis and procedure codes and the Local and National Coverage Definition files (LCD and NCD) are updated as part of normal operations.
  • Delivery: The CMS codes are updated yearly and the LCD and NCD codes are updated every two weeks. So, if a new code is added for COVID-19, customers will automatically receive an update and no special action is needed.