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A member engagement solution for payers who want to help their members search, compare, and select the right providers and healthcare.

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Empower Smarter Choices


Build member trust and loyalty by providing all the information necessary to make more confident decisions.


Integrates with our True ViewTM Cost Transparency tool for one simple solution that improves outcomes.


Help reduce member inquires with access to accurate provider information in a user-friendly format showcasing the best care option.


Customize your solution with hosting and integration options that meet your unique requirements.


Enhance member confidence in their health care decisions, with reviews to help validate.


Meet CMS and state requirements with our NCQA certified directory.

Find the Right Care at the Right Time


Simple searching

  • Quickly and easily search for the right doctors, hospitals, imaging centers, and labs, viewing side-by-side comparisons that highlight key differences at a glance.
  • Allow members to focus on what is important to them with advanced search options, including specialty, location, gender, language, and more.
  • Allow public access for general care searching or authenticated searches for more personalized features.

Accurate data

  • Update data regularly and established cleaning, standardization, normalization, and geocoding procedures to ensure data integrity.
  • Receive regular, monthly updates for geography and location accuracy to keep data fresh.
  • Process new provider data and matches with unique IDs to avoid confusion over similar names or addresses.

Added flexibility

  • Depend on unparalleled support in designing, implementing, and servicing programs to reduce your costs and improve member outcomes.
  • Collaborate with us to create a solution that is an extension of your brand, with the ability to customize to your look and feel.
  • Define your own frequency for scheduling data that is current and reliable.

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