True View™

A cost transparency solution that helps payers and TPAs meet CMS transparency mandates and empowers members to make well-informed healthcare decisions.


Deliverhealthcare cost transparency, cost savings, and member satisfaction

Drive healthcare cost savings

Help reduce your costs by providing a price transparency tool that lets members compare prices on medical services, procedures, and prescriptions. 

Featuring an intuitive experience with consumer-friendly language, True View™ tool empowers and guides consumers to make better healthcare decisions. 

Improve member satisfaction and enhance care outcomes

Boost loyalty by enabling members to comparison shop. Improve member health by providing information regarding preferred providers, centers of excellence, and wellness information via your website, mobile app, email, and personalized alerts. 

What's included

  • Comprehensive cost transparency features

    • Compares costs for 500 shoppable medical services
    • Includes costs for 4,000+ prescriptions; unifies HSA and pharmacy content
    • Connects results to member experiences
  • Improved access to care

    • Uses intuitive, consumer-friendly language 
    • Improves members' understanding of benefits
    • Highlights low cost, high quality providers
  • Enhanced member experience

    • Steers members to preferred providers
    • Provides OOP analysis for complex plans
    • Proactively alerts members of cost savings opportunities and gaps in care

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