Health plan transition from paper to electronic payments

A one-size-fits-all payment plan isn’t enough to support your health plan provider goals. Instead, Change Healthcare facilitates a seamless, collaborative process from paper payments to a comprehensive payment solution.

Our electronic payment systems engage providers, meet business objectives, and support the future of healthcare technology. If you’re interested in driving EFT rates, achieving best practices, and collaborating with providers for faster, more secure payments, watch the video below.

Dental plan transition from paper to electronic payments

It’s time for a comprehensive solution that will drive your dental plan goals forward. Change Healthcare makes it easy to transition from paper payments to an electronic payment system. In fact, we securely distribute more than 108 million provider payments across the country.

Implementing dynamic, digital-first payments can not only further business objectives and can convert payments to electronic—but it can also save millions of dollars.

Watch this video to see how you can drive EFT rates and foster a collaborative transition to digital payments. 

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