Rescuing a Digital Marketing Solution Implementation

Our consultants have worked in a variety of management, operational, and technical positions within payer and provider organizations. They average more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry. We have first-hand knowledge of your challenges, and understand how to overcome competitive pressures, organizational obstacles, and limited resources.

Use Case

A large health plan in the Northeast contacted Change Healthcare Consulting to help turn around a troubled project. The project, an enterprise digital marketing solution implementation, had fallen far off track. The client had already made significant investments in time and resources but, given the complexity of the different workstreams and lines of business, its leadership couldn’t figure out a way forward.

Change Health Consulting started by listening to the client’s pain points. The consultants met with key stakeholders and team members to learn what they were struggling with, and used these interviews to assess the project’s scope, planned approach, management style, and culture. After careful review and consideration, it became clear that the scope was too large and complex for the project team to handle in the way it was being implemented. The project was initially designed as a single-phase “big bang” approach. The Consulting team recommended a phased approach instead, allowing each phase to leverage best practices and lessons learned from previous phases.


Despite the new incremental approach, the client was under pressure to maintain tight timelines, budget neutrality, and resource levels. In the initial analysis, the Consulting team discovered that many business units relied on separate and often proprietary applications for member communications. Not only were the applications and systems different, with conflicting data structures, but were also used differently between lines of business.

When analyzed side-by-side, the communications created by each LOB were different in nearly every aspect. There was no unified look and feel for the “brand.” Lastly, several lines of business relied heavily upon manual processes, causing several bottlenecks in daily operations.


The Consulting team began problem-solving the minute they got pulled onto the project. They started by relegating member comunications to a single source across all lines of business. They also instituted a “crosswalk” system to identify all key data fields across diverse systems, and built sets of fact tables to facilitate faster preprocessing at a much lower cost than would by incurred by a fully realized data warehouse.

They coached the client to deliver consistently themed communication designed to elevate the company’s reputation, increase brand loyalty, and build long-term customers. Wherever possible, the consultants implemented small and simple changes, shifting the client from manual to automated processes for better end results.


Despite many challenges and a late entry to the project, the Change Healthcare Consulting team aided and advised the health plan in successfully implementing the digital marketing solution. The health plan’s members will now receive member communications with a consistent user experience while the health plan itself saves money and time, freeing up valuable resources. Our consultants have the experience to avoid issues, mitigate risks, and rapidly deliver an end-to-end solution to meet all organizational goals.

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