Our Technology Partners

We partner with other technology innovators to further support our focus on integrated solutions and problem-solving at scale.


Empowering our customers with speed and efficiency.

Our strategic partnership with AWS allows us to leverage their cloud-based products, services, and expertise to build next-generation products at speed and improve our overall IT cost structure. AWS is our preferred cloud provider for these technologies and hosting services, helping us accelerate the delivery of secure, cloud-native products that enhance our customers' agility and outcomes. Through the AWS Marketplace, we provide access to products across our portfolio including APIs, data solutions, and AI-driven software to enable innovation within the healthcare development ecosystem. As a collaborative launch partner for the AWS for Health initiative, we are making it easier for our customers to select the right tools and healthcare services for their highest-priority workloads.


Helping providers and payers expand into growing markets.

As a strategic services partner for Microsoft’s Cloud for Healthcare platform, we are enabling healthcare companies to easily integrate our APIs, data, and machine learning models. This collaboration supports the development of innovative pharmacy solutions that leverage both the Azure cloud and our healthcare services to meet the scale of vertically integrated pharmacies. 


Improving the customer experience with easy, accessible solutions.

The Change Healthcare/Adobe partnership is helping to revolutionize the patient experience by joining our data and application expertise with Adobe's customer experience capabilities. Together, we can help organizations deliver a seamless experience that attracts new patients and supports long-term patient loyalty. 


Improving imaging services through a secure, scalable platform.

Our work with Google primarily focuses on the development and joint go-to-market partnership of our Imaging Network hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. Our Imaging Network leverages Google’s scalable, secure platform to offer customers reliable high performance and superior cybersecurity in the cloud. 

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