Many companies need information from healthcare insurers for their own businesses. Often, however, they must ask their customers to supply the required data — or they have to build and maintain connections with many different payers. The result? Data retrieval that can be unreliable, nonstandard, and far too time-consuming.

Join us as Change Healthcare experts address how you can overcome challenges in getting information you need from payers efficiently, all while simplifying your IT environment. Getting the data you need from payers to serve your customers usually involves learning how to connect to every payer differently and then learning how to understand the varied data they send. With the help of Payer Data Exchange, it doesn’t have to be that way. Register for the webinar to learn more.

Learn about industry-leading solutions that can help your organization access data from multiple payers through a single connection, receive it in a single format, lower IT costs, and so much more. Change Healthcare’s experts will explore an integrated platform that can help streamline the retrieval of payer data, meaning you can spend less time searching for information and thus run your operations more efficiently.

Key takeaways
  • Understand challenges facing third parties as they try to gain access to payer data.
  • Learn how to address these challenges with Payer Data Exchange.
  • Discover how improved information sharing can help drive HSA and FSA utilization, substantiate claims faster, and engage care advocates months earlier than traditional methods allow.

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