Pre-Care Alert notifies healthcare advocates in advance about members’ plans for treatment by tracking eligibility requests between providers and payers in the largest clearinghouse for such requests in the United States.

By leveraging the early insight provided by Pre-Care Alert to proactively address members’ potential healthcare issues, advocates can help prevent member confusion, minimize out-of-pocket expenses, avoid excessive claims, and promote long-term member loyalty, all while achieving consistently better health outcomes.

Because Payer Data Exchange aggregates so many eligibility requests between providers and payers, it provides significant advantages to organizations seeking to optimally empower their healthcare advocates.

These advantages include:

  • Greater likelihood that advocates get the advance notification they need to optimally fulfill their mission
  • Faster, better-informed responses to planned episodes of care
  • A standardized data format that simplifies integration of alerts into your organization’s workflows
  • Cost savings from having a single aggregated source for requests rather than having to set up multiple individual connections

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