Increase Value to Your Clients and Gain a Competitive Advantage


Collecting from patients is vital to your clients’ success.

Your number one goal is providing the best value and service to your clients

Now you can increase that value by making it easier for your clients to collect patient responsibility.

With the rise in high-deductible health plans (HDHPs), an increasing portion of your clients’ revenue now comes directly from patients, making it more essential than ever for them to collect from those patients. With Revenue Performance Advisor, you can give them the tools to do just that.

Tools such as patient payment and patient responsibility estimation can help your clients improve cash flow and lower the cost to collect. And adding additional solutions to your offerings allows you to develop new revenue streams. Or you may want to provide the tools free of charge as a value-add. Either way, your clients will appreciate the increased value you bring to their practice. You can increase client loyalty while gaining a competitive advantage.

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