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Discover how Optum helps organizations reduce uncompensated care while improving the financial experience for patients.

Many health systems provide service to all consumers – regardless of ability to pay. Achieving this goal in a fiscally sustainable manner has historically proven challenging.

After working with Optum, one organization decreased uncompensated care, and moved patients out of the self-pay category and into insurance and/or financial assistance programs.

Optum helps alleviate financial stress for patients by identifying assistance from Medicare/Medicaid, Disability/SSI, third-party liability, commercial insurance, state and county programs, and other social and charity assistance.

Our capabilities:

  • Proven strategies for reducing uncompensated care
  • Highly skilled experts embedded on-site
  • Strong relationships at the state and federal levels
  • Proprietary workflow to drive faster enrollment
  • 90% approval rate on Medicaid applications
  • Quality-assurance scores consistently above 95%

Reach out to learn more about how we can help you decrease uncompensated care and alleviate financial stress for patients.

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