Determining and validating the most appropriate post-acute level of care and/or services can be challenging. Patients are complex, and these complexities need to be considered to ensure appropriate care is being delivered in the right setting from the start.

Watch this webinar to see a demo of how simple it is to conduct a medical review, which considers comorbid conditions and complications, with InterQual Post-Acute criteria for a variety of post-acute requests. 

Key takeaways
  • InterQual post-acute criteria evaluates severity of illness along with intensity of service to provide a clinically specific methodology for stay determinations
  • The criteria span the continuum of post-acute care and services and include InterQual Inpatient Rehabilitation, Long-Term Acute Care, Outpatient Rehabilitation and Chiropractic, Sub-Acute and Skilled Nursing, and Home Care Criteria
  • InterQual Criteria is rigorously researched and independently peer reviewed to ensure objectivity

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