The direct impact of COVID-19 is substantial. The resulting impact of the pandemic has forced healthcare organizations to cope with reduced budgets, higher cost of technology solutions, and ever-growing exam volumes. To keep up with these staggering challenges, providers must improve clinical efficiencies in cardiovascular imaging departments and utilize their own experts to help train the next generation of clinicians.

Advances in imaging technology have given providers the tools they need to develop leading training programs. This webinar will outline how you can leverage the latest technology to respond readily to the needs of various learners and can adapt to a variety of cardiac training situations.

Using real-world demonstrations, learn how one provider has overcome the odds to continually deliver high-quality patient care through:

  • A unique continuous learning approach to training cardiac fellows.
  • Addressing the extreme volume of patient studies.
  • Mitigating the learning curve for fellows coming into cardiology.
  • Clinical review and direct care at any time from any place.
  • Streamlined workflow and data dissemination.

Key takeaways

By the end of this webinar, participants will understand that high-quality care starts at the point of education and can transform cardiovascular imaging. Attendees will see how optimized workflows can improve quality and will be able to:

  • Help identify effective ways to train cardiac fellows using the latest imaging technology.
  • Understand the main challenges faced in training cardiac fellows.
  • Demonstrate how structured reporting can benefit training programs.
  • Explore new ways to improve report quality, accuracy, and customizations.

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