Watch this webinar with Eric Lacy, Director of Clinical Applications for Central Illinois Radiological Associates, as he discusses the adoption of cloud for medical imaging and the key advantages it offers for radiology practices, especially if the right vendor solution is selected.

Lacy highlights the benefits of switching to cloud PACS versus on-prem as large PACS vendors continue to embrace cloud strategies, both in the hospital and radiology space. Cloud PACS provide a real opportunity to drive patient care improvements. Even if you aren’t ready to switch to cloud PACS yet, Lacy outlines why the time to plan is now.

Key takeaways
  • Cloud PACS for imaging providers drives down costs, eliminates infrastructure, and more.
  • Cloud PACS for patient care accelerates and increases access to timely care.
  • Learn how you can look to your partners as key collaborators to develop cloud strategy.

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