Interoperability Solutions for Healthcare

With consumers carrying an increasing share of the healthcare cost burden, the focus of interoperability solutions must be on empowering providers and patients with timely access to their data, so they can make better decisions.

Change Healthcare is paving the way for health IT interoperability that eliminates cost barriers, meets federally mandated requirements, and sets the stage for new innovations to better address value-based payment and consumer needs.

The Importance of Interoperability in Healthcare

Market trends such as value-based payment and an increased focus on cost and quality transparency are driving the need for prompt and complete access to clinical information. Given these trends and the current regulatory environment, there exists an urgent, ongoing need to achieve universal clinical records interoperability.

But interoperability means more than basic connectivity, and must ensure effective, secure, frictionless data exchange for and among all stakeholders. Healthcare IT solutions must be able to seamlessly interoperate and provide easy access to the most accurate patient information possible to improve health outcomes. That's why we are working with stakeholders throughout the industry to make data available and useful to patients and providers wherever it is needed.

Change Healthcare is a trusted partner with a proven track record of providing reliable interoperability services that are secure and cost-effective–– supporting better health outcomes, and transparency for patients and clinicians at scale across the United States. With our partners, we help accelerate healthcare data interoperability and reduce providers' burden by reducing time and effort needed to track down patients' medical records from various silos across health care delivery systems.

Change Healthcare's Intelligent Healthcare Network™, one of the largest clinical and financial healthcare networks in the U.S., facilitates the transfer of data across healthcare providers, payers, pharmacies, labs, and consumers. Last year, it processed nearly 14 billion healthcare transactions, representing over $1 trillion in healthcare expenditures.


Change Healthcare’s Interoperability Expertise Lauded by Frost & Sullivan’s Frost Radar™

Change Healthcare is one of the nation’s leading interoperability vendors in the healthcare industry, according to Frost & Sullivan. More than 50 companies were screened and analyzed for the Frost Radar™: U.S. Healthcare Data Interoperability Market, 2020, report. Finalists made the short list based on corporate growth potential and the ability to drive visionary innovation in healthcare data interoperability. Change Healthcare was described as, “leading interoperability that democratizes access to patient data through open and collaborative services, tools, and platforms.”

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Everything You Dare to Ask About Healthcare Interoperability

Healthcare interoperability: Where is the industry at today, where is it going, what's new, what's coming, and most important–what do payers, providers, and vendors need to do in order to participate in healthcare's interoperational future?

These questions and more are fielded on today's show by Jitin Asnaani, former Executive Director of CommonWell Health Alliance; Kashif Rathore, VP of Interoperability at Cerner; and Nicole Antonson, VP of Identity and CommonWell Services at Change Healthcare.

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