Learn how coordination of benefits can help health plans increase healthcare payment accuracy, reduce unnecessary payments, and generate greater returns. 

Up to 1 in 5 insured are covered by more than one healthcare plan. It’s no secret that one plan will often pay more claims than it’s obligated to while another never gets the bill. Health plans typically solve for this problem through provider audits and other post-payment activities, when better coordination of benefits (COB) up-front can prevent the improper payment altogether. But what does “better coordination” mean? Today Phillip Cardona and David Bachert reveal the secrets and impact of better COB.

Phillip Cardona is strategy executive for Change Healthcare’s Payer Growth Program. David Bachert is director of Payment Accuracy for Change Healthcare.

Here's what they covered:

  • Why health plans pay should direct their attention to COB
  • How coordination of benefits (COB) differ from third-party liability (TPL)
  • Nuances of COB by state and plan type
  • How plans can monitor for other primary coverage
  • The trouble with “pay and chase” and payment recovery
  • How to initiate a coordination of benefits program
  • How to use available data to improve payment accuracy

Episode Resources

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  2. David Bachert’s bio
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