Today Jen Covich Bordenick, CEO of the eHealth Initiative, helps us assess the Biden administration’s ambitious 100-day agenda for combating COVID-19. She joins Change Healthcare’s Deanne Kasim, Angela Evatt, and Steve Brennan to discuss how COVID-19 is now central to everything happening with healthcare policy legislation and executive orders at the federal and state government levels.

Our panel: Deanne Kasim is executive director of Healthcare Policy, and Angela Evatt and Steve Brennan are senior managers of State Health Policy at Change Healthcare. They’re joined by Jen Covich Bordenick, the CEO of the eHealth Initiative.

Topics discussed on today’s show:

  1. Progress on vaccine distribution and related public health issues
  2. Vaccination appointments and the healthcare digital divide
  3. Legislation to address disparities in access to care
  4. Momentum for permanent waivers expanding telehealth access and payment
  5. The potential for “asynchronous” remote care coverage
  6. Privacy issues with COVID-19 tracking data and apps
  7. Public health infrastructure weaknesses exposed
  8. State healthcare bills and policy focus
  9. State budget challenges and federal funding uncertainty

Episode Resources

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  3. Angela Evatt’s bio
  4. Steve Brennan’s bio
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