Luma Health co-founder and CEO Adnan Iqbal joins the Change Healthcare Podcast to discuss how and why his company created a digital patient engagement platform and why Luma Health chose to partner with Change Healthcare to create a singular patient journey across healthcare.

Today’s panel includes:

Patrick Drewry, vice president product, patient engagement, Change Healthcare

Adnan Iqbal, co-founder and CEO, Luma Health 

Here’s what they chatted about:

  • What inspired Adnan to launch Luma Health?
  • How has Luma Health been able to deliver a customer experience that separates themselves from their competitors?
  • Why is Adnan excited about Luma Health’s partnership with Change Healthcare?
  • Why is Patrick excited about Change Healthcare’s partnership with Luma Health?
  • Working together, what will the two companies be able to deliver to customers?

Episode resources:

  1. Patrick Drewry’s bio
  2. Adnan Iqbal’s bio
  3. Patient Engagement Suite press release
  4. Change Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management
  5. Luma Health Patient Success Platform

Show resources:

Key takeaways

  • Change Healthcare is partnering with Luma Health to co-develop a solution that can help providers differentiate themselves in a highly competitive environment.
  • We are bringing to market a one stop shop patient platform that integrates with our existing provider revenue cycle solutions to create a cohesive end-to-end journey for patients.
  • The solution can help providers to streamline access and ease of care so they can provide a stellar patient experience and improve business outcomes for their organization.

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