Introducing ClaimsXten Cloud Services

At Change Healthcare, we strive to make our products and services more easily accessible. In that spirit, we are pleased to announce a new cloud-based service designed to help you coordinate primary and secondary editing more quickly than before.

In this webinar we introduce ClaimsXten Cloud Services, an innovative solution that leverages ClaimsXten to deliver an array of code edit and payment integrity services. The first service set includes all ClaimsXten Code Editing KnowledgePacksTM, Insight Record Review, and Aberrant Provider Billing Review.

Importantly, these services are offered on a shared-savings contingency basis, helping to ensure a positive return and minimize the need for up-front budget allocations.


CJ Belanger, Director of Product Management, ClaimsXten, Change Healthcare
Creighton Long, Vice President of Pre-Payment Solutions, Change Healthcare

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