A startup founder’s personal experience with alcohol treatment inspires him to create new options for ongoing support.

Mike Russell is the co-founder and CEO of Monument, an online treatment platform for those looking to change their relationship with alcohol. In this episode, Change Healthcare’s Anuj Desai talks with Mike about how his own experience drove him to create a new approach to alcohol treatment. Mike tells Anuj how his company was born and how technology has enabled an alternative care model that uses an online personalized alcohol treatment program. 

Today’s panel includes: Anuj Desai, Vice President Business Development, Change Healthcare; and Mike Russell, Co-founder and CEO, Monument. 

Here’s what they chatted about:

  • What motivated Mike to start an online treatment program for alcohol misuse?
  • Why alcohol use disorder isn’t limited to only those who drink alcohol frequently
  • How Mike ultimately broke the pattern and how doing so led to another realization
  • What makes Monument’s approach to alcohol treatment unique?
  • How has COVID-19 affected alcohol use and treatment?
  • How is Monument partnering with healthcare providers and payers to enhance support?
  • What can employers do to help ensure employees feel comfortable getting the support they need?
  • What advice would Mike give to those considering launching a startup in the healthcare space?

Episode resources:

  1. Mike Russel’s LinkedIn profile
  2. Anuj Desai’s LinkedIn profile
  3. https://joinmonument.com/
  4. Alcohol facts and statistics—NIH
  5. About Disulfiram
  6. Choosing internet-based treatment for problematic alcohol use—why, when and how? Users’ experiences of treatment online

Show Resources:

Key takeaways

  • When it comes to alcohol misuse, stopping can put extra strain on one’s mental health 
  • Technology has enabled alternate, ongoing treatment options for those looking to change their relationship with alcohol
  • Health plans have shown an interest in expanding mental health partnerships

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