Mandatory Bundled Payment Models Are Coming: What You Need to Know

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Representatives from CMS just announced a policy shift regarding mandated alternative payment models.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar said the administration would “revisit” mandatory models that it had previously abandoned in cardiac care, noting the time had come for “exploring new and improved episode-based models in other areas, including radiation oncology.”

To understand the impact this policy shift might have on payers and providers, Patrick McGuigan, Producer of Episode Intelligence, connected with Dr. Andrei Gonzales, who leads the product development efforts for Change Healthcare’s value-based payment solutions.

In this interview, they discuss:

  • What CMS is introducing and why it’s generating so much news [00:23]
  • What this means for commercial health plans [02:40]
  • What health plans should be doing now to prepare for this change [04:46]
  • How providers are reacting to this news, and how they can prepare for a future that includes mandatory payment models [06:03]

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