STAR Optimization Advisor

STAR Optimization Advisor is analytics-driven tool for payers who want to proactively monitor and measure performance on the full set of Medicare Star Ratings scores, focusing on those improvement areas that can have the greatest revenue impact.

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Identify Metrics for Targeted Improvement


Collaborate and partner with our team of proactive quality performance experts bringing decades of experience and expertise helping deliver complete and accurate results.


Empower decision-making for both providers and employer groups by delivering full picture views into provider performance that help improve quality measures and reduce costs.


Make Educated Business and Clinical Decisions that can increase ROI with the help of powerful and meaningful reporting facilitated by the Star Report Card and Market Landscape Report.


Track, measure, and improve performance against your own pre-set goals, prior performance, predicted Star cut points, and national averages.


Align your tools and strategies with organizational tactics to help maximize the opportunity for improvement.


Implement best practice strategies to focus on metrics to help improve Star ratings.

Actionable Insights and Information


Strategic partnership

  • We bring decades of experience in quality performance and our Star solutions. Our analysts are experts in performance and work proactively with payers to help identify areas of improvement and recommend strategies to improve ratings.
  • Our Star experts focus on helping payers with continuous improvement in key weighted measures and provide best practice strategies to raise those measures.
  • Strategies Include: focus on measures rated below 3 to help improve QI measurement; help decrease variance between measures to set up a plan for R-Factor; strategic timing for interventions; and develop a plan for non-HEDIS measures (CTM, Appeals).

Proven methodology

  • Review of three years of data to identify opportunities for improvement based on measures that have not improved or have declined.
  • Identify and target measures that are performing worse relative to direct competitors within the same state and those with the same plan type.
  • Assess the most likely strategies and tactics to help improve Star ratings, and align those strategies by measure and timing to optimize the opportunity for improvement.

Analytic tools and reporting

  • Stars Optimization Model: identifies measures that are easiest to move and provide the most benefit to the overall plan rating.  We also determine the average financial gain from moving the star rating for the plan.
  • Star Report Card: provides three-year rates and scoring trend analysis by domain.
  • Market Landscape Report: provides competitor results by market, population, and plan type.

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