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Staffing Management Solutions is the imaging informatics and IT resources solution for hospital-based imaging departments and radiology practices that need to alleviate capability gaps and resource constraints.

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Secure the Right Resources


Secure experienced and knowledgeable vendor-neutral resources to handle overflow work and fill resource and knowledge gaps.


Source individuals with skill sets required for a specific role as part of a long-term or strategic engagement.


Satisfy defined need(s) for operation or project-based outcomes.


Acquire, onboard, and manage specialized talent quickly so they can hit the ground running.


Leverage easy ‘email’ contract extensions, if required.


Remove the burden of human resources and issues management.

Satisfying Customer’s Unique Staffing Requirements


Project/Initiative staffing

  • Quickly deploy experienced professionals for a defined time period and/or project scope, i.e. new software implementation/upgrade.
  • Leverage easy ‘email’ contract extensions, if required.
  • Bolster your team’s ability to meet challenging project milestones and technical demands.

Operational staffing

  • Experienced and knowledgeable resources to assist with day-to-day objectives, i.e. imaging informatics managers, PACS administrators, etc.
  • Quick and seamless on-boarding and deployment to help remove operational burdens.
  • Resources can hit the ground running.

Long-term strategic staffing

  • Individuals sourced with skills sets required for a specific role as part of a long term or strategic engagement, e.g. imaging informatics consultants.
  • Managed services of teams and resources that allow you to focus on the delivery of quality patient care, e.g. our Centralized Physician Communication Service.
  • Establish resourcing framework for smaller hospitals to share a PACS administrator to contain costs and provide 24/7 coverage, e.g. our Shared Imaging Resource Solution.

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