Smart Connect, Smart Appointment Scheduling, & Clinical Care Visits

A member engagement platform for payers that want to improve consumer engagement in healthcare by encouraging proactive involvement in their health and well-being.

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Knowledge-Driven Member Engagement Strategies


Target specific member populations using data and analytics to better understand member needs and deliver relevant, timely outreach.


Encourage improved health with member engagement services that deliver targeted communications, live advocate support to schedule appointments, and in home clinical visits.


Drive member satisfaction and loyalty improvements by providing valuable communications & outreach that guide members toward a healthier lifestyle.


Promote care compliance with health engagement management using targeted education and hands-on member support.


Help reduce member abrasion by streamlining communication touchpoints with a holistic view of organizational communications.


Advance industry ratings by making a positive impact on Health Effectiveness and Information Set (HEDIS) scores and CMS Star ratings.

Engagement Tools to Promote Preventative Care and Compliance


Smart Connect™

  • Inform your member engagement strategies to deliver the right message, to the right members, at the right time with sophisticated analytics and centralized big data, including your existing claims data.
  • View all member touch points across your enterprise with a consumer engagement platform that offers a vendor agnostic, integrated reporting dashboard that allows you to manage SMART Connect campaigns and other communication programs.
  • Provide consumer engagement tools to allow your members to select what works best for them from multi-channel, multi-language communication options including IVR, email, SMS text, web portal, live advocates, and more.

Smart Appointment Scheduling™

  • Identify members and send targeted member education materials with dynamic, integrated analytics using our health engagement platform.
  • Coordinate and schedule provider appointments via live member advocates that directly contact members.
  • Help ensure members keep their appointments with direct mail and digital reminders, which can help to close care and risk gaps.

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