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An experience-driven analytics solution for payers that want to focus their attention on actionable insights designed to raise rates and successfully meet regulatory requirements to elevate care quality.

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Optimize Quality Programs


Help increase efficiency with our quality-measurement analytics engine to support HEDIS, Medicare Advantage Stars, and state specific programs.


Simplify processes with certified rate reporting and analytics, hybrid medical record reviews, and customizable reporting across measures.


Measure performance through integrated benchmarks and plan targets for retrospective and prospective rate analysis with built-in audit support features and claim level transparency.


Utilize expert experience with our 13 years of NCQA Certification and Best in KLAS program support to assist payers through the HEDIS Annual Event and throughout the year.


Help enhance quality and star ratings with our full suite of chart abstraction and retrieval, and member engagement solutions including member education, office visit assistance, and in-home visits for an end-to-end solution.


Help reduce costs and resources by leveraging our expert data management team that uses client-friendly data ingestion processes to map and convert client source data to prepare extract files.

Actionable Insights


Quality performance reporting and analysis

  • Compare rates to goals and benchmarks, as well as monitor hybrid rates including negative counts.
  • Review retrospective and prospective reporting, in addition to other key filters such as by provider and member.
  • Explore a member’s quality results with a member detail drill down to rate evidence on our interactive tool.

HEDIS annual event & submission

  • Depend on our solution which has earned continuous NCQA re-certification since 2005 without exceptions and without re-certification.
  • Help improve HEDIS performance initiatives and workflow processes through actionable insights with an end-to-end integrated analytics solution.
  • Leverage our “Best in KLAS” Payer Quality Analytics and services that are dedicated to improving healthcare quality.

Rate evidence

  • Access an interactive display of all evidence for a measure, organized for relevancy and impact, including services chosen to ultimately affect compliance.
  • View of all potential data types - supplemental and hybrid data and the value of all data (including labs).
  • Measure impact reporting for audit support and hybrid gap closure initiatives.

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