Predictive Engagement

A predictive analytics and member messaging solution for health plans that want to identify members in need of high-cost procedures to improve outcomes and drive satisfaction while reducing payer costs.

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Empower Smarter Choices


Reduce cost per episode of high-volume, high-cost procedures. Maximize your value-based pricing and plan design structures to achieve significant savings.


Drive members to preferred providers and facilities rather than to family/friend referrals or to providers recommended by their primary care physician.


Build member trust and engagement by applying behavior-based techniques and interacting with members early in their health journey.


Support improved quality care standards, such as lower readmission rates. Support better outcomes by driving members to trusted providers and facilities.


Increase member confidence and satisfaction by educating members about care options, communicating pertinent information, and delivering high quality care at a lower cost.

Predicting and Engaging for Better Health Outcomes


AI-powered predictive analytics

  • Apply AI-powered predictive analytics to your claims data to identify at-risk members and score the probability that they will receive a specified procedure.
  • Target high-volume, symptomatic, high-cost variability procedures with precision — before the episode of service occurs.

Engaging communication campaigns

  • Communicate with members using a special blend of behavior science techniques and consumer experience design, matching member traits with personalized content to drive desired outcomes.
  • Use targeted, multi-channel campaigns to introduce softer messaging early in the episode, building trust and allowing members to learn more when their interest is piqued.
  • Rely on proven, behavior-based marketing techniques to change member behavior.

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