Pre-Payment Insight & Review

An analytics and methodology-driven prepayment solution for payers that want to broadly view billing activity, identify improper payments before they are paid, and reduce waste in the payment process.

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Minimize Pre-Payment Waste


Identify improper claims, allowing an opportunity to correct them and deliver medical cost savings.


Reduce pay and chase as savings are captured before they are paid.


Maximize incremental savings with sophisticated cross-claim logic.


Minimize improper payment risk.


Increase efficiencies with automated detection capabilities.


Access results and status through our client portal to identify gaps in the claim payment process.

Increase Transparency and Minimize Costs


Expert insights

  • Leverage the breadth of information available on our Intelligent Healthcare Network™.
  • Enhance your approach to preventing unnecessary losses with our clinical experts and certified coders that evaluate flagged claims for potential risk, and provide expert insights.
  • Reduce provider abrasion with an expert staff that reviews flagged claims and only selects those for medical record review that have highest potential for savings.

Record review service

  • Identify claims for review with powerful data-driven analytics and industry sourced, proprietary claim screening logic combined with our expert triage process.
  • Identify new and emerging abnormal claims submission scenarios.
  • Take advantage of our experts that deliver detailed documentation of review findings and provide support through the appeal process.

Supplemental code edit service

  • Access continuously updated edits that identify code edit savings often missed by primary code edit software.
  • Depend on customized code edits that act as a safety net for primary code edit solutions that may not be fully up-to-date.
  • Ensure edits are current with our Software as a Service (SaaS) approach.

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