Payment Network Advocate

A healthcare payments network for payers that want to minimize distribution costs by increasing electronic payment adoption via intelligent routing analytics and consolidating printing and correspondence.

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Reduce Payment Costs


Lower administrative burden by eliminating time-consuming, costly manual processes. Save costs associated with internal printing and fulfillment.


Decrease postage and print costs by consolidating printed correspondence, combining multiple payments, and participation in a postage cooperative.


Drive electronic payment adoption via broad array of electronic payment options offered through a single platform.


Determine the most cost-effective payment distribution channel via preference-based intelligent payment analytics.

Optimize Your Provider Payments


Numerous electronic payment modalities

  • Change Healthcare uses a single network for claim processing, payments, and ERA, helping you minimize administrative costs of payment distribution by driving more electronic payments.
  • Payment Network Advocate supports Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments via multiple networks; virtual card payments; and direct payments.
  • The system uses preference-based intelligent payment analytics to determine the most cost-effective payment distribution mode and channel.

Cost-effective print and mail fulfillment

  • Payment Network Advocate reduces postage and print costs by combining payments on behalf of multiple members to be mailed in a single payment. The system also consolidates printed correspondence.
  • The system includes participation in the Change Healthcare HealthPayers USA Postage Cooperative, the nation’s first and largest healthcare postage co-op, which results in significant postage savings.

Providing Measurable Value

  • 10.8M

    electronic payments representing $31.5B in value processed in 2016

  • 2.5B

    images fulfilled in 2014, representing $100B+ in payment value

  • 600,000+

    providers accessible on network

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