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Patient access and call center services for hospitals, health systems and medical practices that want to drive patient engagement, improve patient satisfaction, and optimize revenue opportunities.

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Comprehensive Call Center Services and Patient Access Support


Reduce cancellations and patient no shows with a consumer-centric call center.


Optimize revenue and cash flow by improving patient registration and billing data.


Improve patient satisfaction with < 1 minute speed-to-answer and 99% routing accuracy.


Help improve patient retention and loyalty with a support team to quickly answer virtually any inquiries.


Help ensure compliance with consistent scripts, policies, and operating procedures.


Build your reputation as the consumer-centric leader in patient access.

Our Healthcare Call Centers Specialize in a Full Range of Services


Patient support

  • Give patients access to immediate help with our nurse triage call center and message line. Nurses use evidenced-based triage protocols to assess the level of care needed, offer advice, and give directions to the most appropriate care site.
  • Attract and retain patients with physician referral services. Providers are grouped by specialty, services, and office hours to accelerate referrals with increased accuracy, helping to reduce lost patients and revenue.
  • Use pre-admission and post-discharge communications to help improve quality of care and the patient experience. Our prescription refill line helps facilitate responsiveness to medication requests and increase adherence.
  • Help control healthcare costs with our disease-management programs. Call center staff collaborates with multiple providers to empower patients to better manage their conditions.

Centralized patient registration and scheduling

  • Access and proper utilization of provider schedules enables your hospital or practice to improve the efficiency of appointment time slots to ensure patients are informed and your revenue continues to grow.
  • Ensure outpatient procedures are efficient with schedule coordination services among multiple providers and sites of care, helping to improve your access to lab and test results, and supporting overall patient quality of care.
  • Tailor the patient experience to each provider or practice. Our call center staff uses customized phone scripts and accesses each provider’s new-patient acceptance rules, appointment schedule, and pre-registration paperwork.
  • At the time of scheduling, patients are met with billing transparency. We centralize provider par/non-par records, insurance coverage, medical necessity authorizations, and evaluations for propensity-to-pay and charity care.

Billing and collections

  • Enhance patient satisfaction and help expedite patient payments with our consumer-centric call center. Experience with multiple billing and EHR platforms enables our staff to assist with navigating online portals and answering billing questions.
  • Help improve upfront collections by determining patients’ financial responsibility and offering them multiple, flexible payment options. Our pre-service payment collection services can help reduce backend collection costs.
  • Facilitate fast, accurate reimbursement with our revenue cycle management services. Our team of 600-plus certified coders is experienced in billing and coding for multiple specialties and subspecialties.

Customer service monitoring

  • Real time data and analytics measure call service levels such as speed-to-answer, abandonment rates, and average call-completion time to ensure your patients’ needs are met.
  • Calls are recorded and monitored to ensure our service is held to the highest standards. We provide excellent customer service to help keep patients satisfied and in your network.

Providing Measurable Value

  • < 60

    seconds speed-to-answer at our call center

  • < 5%

    of customers abandon a call

  • 99%

    accuracy handling customer requests

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