Connected Consumer Health™ Solution

A no-cost healthcare data interoperability solution to help payers achieve compliance with upcoming 2021/2022 deadlines for the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule using secure, industry-standard APIs.

Comply With CMS Interoperability Deadlines

Connected Consumer Health™️ provides payers industry-standard, open, interoperable APIs for rapid access to patient data to help meet 2021 CMS deadlines. Our solution includes robust cybersecurity, identity, and consent management.

Comply with CMS mandates to give patients access to their own records. Payers can follow the CMS requirement to allow patients to request the transfer of records for up to five years if they change plans.

Use more secure, standards-based, certified APIs, using defined data standards and following HIPAA administrative guidelines for medical claims, encounters, and drug formularies.

Choose from two solutions. A no-cost version where payers provide data via FHIR-compatible APIs, or a Change Healthcare end-to-end interoperability solution where payers don’t have to format data, host a gateway, or manage third-party vendors.

Increase engagement with an infrastructure designed to expand payer-to-member interactions. The platform is engineered for enhancements that will help members find, access, and pay for care. 

Assess readiness by engaging Change Healthcare expert consultants, who can help payers forge a personalized pathway to interoperability. 

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