Member Engagement Solutions

When individuals take steps to improve their health and well being, you see better outcomes and enhanced satisfaction. We offer a solution suite built on proven tactics for health plans that want to engage members and inspire them to take ownership of their health.

Tailored Member Interactions can Improve Outcomes

Guiding the member journey for better health

As healthcare consumerism continues to evolve, we make it easier to engage with your members and help them make smarter, more convenient healthcare choices based on quality and convenience of care.

We know that personalized communications are the best approach when trying to reach your members. To ensure the best outcomes, it’s important to deliver customized communications that target their needs.

We’ve helped over 20 million consumers make smarter healthcare choices, proactively encouraging them to take an active role in their health. Operating as an extension of their care management, we help guide your members to better outcomes and improved satisfaction. We can also help connect your members to clinical care through provider appointment scheduling and clinical care visits.

Creating connections through customization

Using data-driven information based on individual members, our solutions are powered by multi-channel communications and advanced analytics.  Members select their preferable communication channels and we proactively push personalized, targeted communications to help them better understand how to improve their health and care choices. 

We also partner with you to plan and optimize your engagement strategy. Our team of experts will work with you to better understand your members’ needs to help you plan and launch programs that optimize your investments in consumer engagement, while enhancing the member experience.

Impact Behavior for Better Quality

Improve Member Outcomes

Engage members with personalized, multi-channel communications that proactively encourages them to better understand and act on preventive and chronic care needs.

With the right information at the right time, members can work with the appropriate providers and programs to address their needs. This can reduce readmission rates, and improve outcomes, which helps lead to better STAR and HEDIS plan performance.

Increase Member Satisfaction & Loyalty

Members want to feel like you care about their needs and preferences. By delivering customized content via the communication channel of their choosing, they’re more likely to read what they receive.

Personalized content is not only relevant but it conveys the message that the health plan is looking out for their best interests. Members will begin to feel more engaged, supported, and happier overall with their plan’s support.

Promote Health Literacy

Taking ownership of one’s personal health when inspired to act is the first step but the goal is to keep them engaged and on the path to better health.

Drive changes in long-term behavior by delivering informative, educational information in an easy to digest format – chosen by the member. The result will help your members continue to make better decisions about their health for long-term.

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