Medical Record Retrieval

Medical Record Retrieval is the operational service for payers that need to retrieve medical records for risk adjustment and quality with scale and real-time transparency.

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Retrieve Medical Records

achieve high medical record retrieval rates

Help achieve high medical record retrieval rates through a modern, technology-enabled call center with minimal physician abrasion.

real-time medical record retrieval status

Know the status of medical record retrievals in real-time with the self-service Alert Portal.

maintain provider relationships

Maintain provider relationships with the flexibility to meet their special record delivery requirements.

code and abstract charts

Code and abstract charts through our clinical staff available in the US or abroad and integrate charts with Quality Performance Advisor for advanced analytics.

Expertise, Scalability, Full Transparency for High Retrieval Rates

scale to your needs

Scalable capacity

  • Ability to scale to your needs with medical retrieval offices in Georgia, Kentucky, and abroad.  We have a network of 4,000 field reviewers and a call capacity of 30,000 calls per day.
minimize provider abrasion

Minimize provider abrasion

  • Designate and manage providers through our scheduling service and provide them with a documentation checklist.
  • Meet provider requirements by accepting many retrieval options: secure drop box, onsite, fax/mail, remote EMR, and secure FTP. Our “special handling team” helps meet the needs of special physician requirements.
real-time transparency

Real-time transparency

  • Stay up to date on the status of the retrieval of medical records through Alert, the client portal that shows the status of chart retrievals in real time.
  • Provides a dashboard, key sites, member view, pends by site, and other features to allow payers to manage the process and communicate internally.

Providing Measurable Value

  • 3M

    charts retrieved annually

  • 250K

    providers work with us for chart collection

  • +100K

    collection sites in all 50 states

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