Medical Claim Attachments

An electronic attachments solution for providers, payers, and partners who want to improve revenue cycle efficiency with a digital attachments workflow.

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Improve Revenue Cycle Efficiency

streamlined payer workflow

Experience a more streamlined payer workflow by viewing an attachment alongside its associated claim.

reduce administrative burden costs of paper workflows

Reduce the administrative burden and costs associated with existing paper workflows. 

improve accuracy save time

Improve accuracy and save time by ensuring payer-specific documentation and information is attached.

increase volume of electronic transactions

Increase volume of electronic transactions since there is no need to send a paper claim with a paper attachment.

track and manage claims and associated attachments

Easily track and manage claims and their associated attachments with fewer helpdesk calls.

leverage intelligent healthcare network

Leverage our Intelligent Healthcare Network™, which connects to more than 800,000 providers and 2,100 payers.

Attach the Appropriate Documents & Information

simplified attachment workflows

Simplified attachment workflows

  • Provides multiple options for providers to submit attachments: browse to file, ASC X12 275 attachment files, or by using a secure online portal. With electronic attachments, payer requirements are built in.
  • Electronically delivers attachments to payers via the ASC X12 275 transaction or through the online portal. Change Healthcare-sponsored provider outreach promotes use of attachments function.
  • Requests, receives, tracks, and manages attachments using the online portal. Receives attachments as batch image and index files ASC X12 275. Nearly all file formats are supported (.pdf, .jpg, .tiff, and structured data like XML).
proactive document submission

Proactive document submission

  • Allows providers to send the right documents with the appropriate information before a payer asks for it.
  • Reduces the need to call payers to find attachment requirements, or to follow up on lost paper attachments. The potential for faster claims payments further encourages compliance.
direct network connections

Direct connections

  • Leverages Change Healthcare’s vast network that connects to more than 800,000 providers and 2,100 payers to increase the volume of electronic transactions and improve efficiency with streamlined workflows.
  • Allows medical attachments to be tied to claims throughout the life of each transaction, enabling users to easily find a claim and associated attachment.

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