Change Healthcare Imaging Analytics for Radiology

A cloud-based analytics platform that helps radiology directors and imaging administrators interactively visualize and explore operational metrics, while discovering critical business improvement opportunities.

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Interactive Data Visualization Moves You Beyond The Spreadsheet


Turn actionable and critical insights into business opportunities with data-driven decisions about how to run your business and discover opportunities for improvements.


Facilitate data-driven optimization with an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform.


Leverage staff and modality resources with volume statistics and basic productivity numbers for modality utilization tracking, including incomplete work and unprocessed studies.


Control costs by addressing the common problems facing radiology directors and administrators, including efficiencies, shifting volumes and turnaround times.


Access your data anytime, anywhere with our cloud solution using https and a zero-footprint web player.


Experience a premium subscription that includes additional features such as RVU mapping, custom visualization and frequent data refreshing.

BI Analytics That Unlock Business Improvement Opportunities


Discover the real value of your data

  • Moves beyond spreadsheet-like reports to targeted data visualizations that focus on the status of departmental operations, while providing abilities to drill-down into the data for deeper insight.
  • Becomes a trusted source for capturing key workflow interactions, moving beyond reliance on EMR/RIS that often only contains data that is manually recorded as a secondary workflow.
  • Provides views that address the most common business questions, allowing radiology departments to adjust visualizations to suit departmental needs.

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