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Home Care Clinical Solutions

Clinical solutions for home health and hospice agencies that help enable all team members to efficiently complete documentation whenever and wherever needed.

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Clinical Metrics to Support Patient Care


Improve communication across your entire clinical team with access to evidence-based interdisciplinary care plans and assessments.


Provide transparency into clinical performance with easy-to-read alerts and graphs, giving clinicians accountability and ownership.


Help increase staff satisfaction with sophisticated, easy-to-use applications that allow clinicians to practice at the top of their game.


Demonstrate patient improvement by capturing documentation in discreet fields to support patient outcome reporting.


Encourage clinicians to complete their documentation, facilitating quicker billing and helping to ensure regulatory compliance.


Guide clinicians through the care planning process with flexible products that accommodate your established processes.

Provide Expertise to Your Clinical Staff


Customizable, web-based content library

  • Use a simple online tool to easily incorporate evidenced-based content from a choice of interdisciplinary clinical knowledge bases that can be used out-of-the box or customized for your unique agency needs.
  • Modern forms builder tool allows your agency’s management to help ensure that specific content is captured prior to billing specialized programs or payers.
  • Systematic creation and publication of comprehensive content at the agency’s discretion supports the requirements for a diversified homecare business and multiple payment programs.

Evidence-based assessments and care plans

  • Simple but purposeful assessment tools support timely and accurate documentation to help support your goals toward improving and codifying patient outcomes and standardizing clinical processes.
  • Interdisciplinary care plans accurately reflect the patient’s progress towards goals, with trend analysis that lets clinicians review a patient’s health trends—positive or negative—related to selected observations for a specified time frame.
  • Data for the Hospice Item Set (HIS) and the OASIS is gathered during the assessment and care planning processes without additional forms or clinician intervention. The system helps track document status and provides tools to transmit the extracts directly to CMS.

Clinical decision support tools and integrated QA

  • An easy-to-use medication profile provides interaction checking for drug-to-drug, drug-to-allergy, and duplicate drug therapy to help prevent medication errors and ensure that care reflects the patient’s immediate palliative needs.
  • Assessment validation tools suggest recommended changes whenever documentation conflicts exist, helping to ensure a quality assessment that supports regulatory guidelines.
  • Emergent and re-hospitalization risk predictors deliver a statistical evaluation based upon the patient’s OASIS documentation to help prevent avoidable readmissions.
  • An auto-calculation feature compares assessment responses to several validated clinical reference tools, such as the Braden Scale, fall risk, nutrition, or others. Clinicians can run the calculation at the point of care for immediate risk assessment while in the home.
  • Exception-based reporting provides integrated quality assurance (QA) checks, helping administrators realize when clinicians have not followed regulatory guidelines.

Advanced mobility

  • Meets stringent security measures to help protect Patient Health Information (PHI) on a mobile device by using the security strengths unique to the iOS platform on tablets or smartphones.
  • Modern mobility interfaces are designed by clinicians and pass rigorous usability testing. All mobile applications are easily accessible even when not connected to the internet.
  • When tasks are incomplete, the system issues home page alerts for clinicians and clinical supervisors to encourage full compliance and provide visibility and accountability into clinical performance.

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