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A data-driven consulting service for payers and providers seeking to advance their transition to value-based reimbursement.

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Advance Value-Based Reimbursement Strategies


Depend on our consultants who use HealthQx to deliver and explain VBR analytics in a way that’s easy to understand and actionable.


Gain insights and guidance from our experienced consultants, to help launch or grow your VBR program.


Support transparent, evidence-based discussions about costs and value to help improve the adoption of VBR programs.


Increase speed-to-market of VBR programs to more quickly realize their benefits.

Accelerate Your VBR Transition


Identify VBR entry points

  • Analyze payment history, using models developed by the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute (HCI3) to identify the episodes and providers to target for a VBR program.
  • Work together with our consultants on VBR opportunities in your market and receive guidance on initial targeting.

Tailor programs to help increase provider engagement

  • Enable collaboration between health plans and providers to help improve the quality of care at a reasonable cost.
  • Create a framework for transparent, evidence-based discussions about medical costs and quality based on episode-of-care definitions, ranging from acute conditions to major procedures.
  • Model provider contract terms needed to reflect value-based payment program performance and reimbursement levels.

Monitor VBR program results

  • Compare actual performance of budgets and targets with benchmarks for VBR and fee-for-service plans with help from our consultants, to identify improvements after initial implementation.
  • Receive guidance to help you adapt, evolve, and scale your VBR strategies based on initial program results.

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