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A value-based payments analytics platform designed for health plans that want to foster deep clinical and cost analysis through episodic claim grouping and network analysis.

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Improve Value-Based Reimbursement Program Results


Accelerate your value-based initiatives by quickly analyzing and understanding episode costs.


Drive cost and quality improvements by targeting variations in care delivery and provider performance.


Build provider adoption and engagement with data-driven, evidence-based discussions about total episode costs and individual provider practice patterns.


Empower value-based strategies through analytics, providing insights to help guide network optimization and clinical transformation.


Episode Analytics to Guide Your Value-Based Care Transition


Strategic insights

  • Identify value-based care opportunities through an analysis of episode costs, leveraging clinically validated episode definitions.
  • Target providers to engage in value-based discussions through an analysis of utilization, costs, and care variations.
  • Leverage episode analytics to help optimize network designs, transform clinical guidelines, and improve consumer engagement.

Budgets and reconciliation

  • Streamline episode budget creation by defining average episode costs and associated clinical services.
  • Compare performance against episode budgets and targets, as well as bundled payment and fee-for-service costs, to measure savings.
  • Leverage detailed, consistent reporting to help enhance provider trust and support for value-based initiatives.

Advanced episode analytics

  • Use drill-down dashboards and standard reports to highlight provider-level cost and care variations.
  • Help providers recognize total episode costs by patient to reform practice and referral patterns.
  • Build provider collaboration through transparent, data-driven discussions.

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