Enterprise Viewers

Enterprise Viewers are the archive-neutral, multi-ology enterprise universal view solutions for healthcare professionals that want to securely view patient images and reports from across the enterprise, anytime and anywhere. Our viewers help provide capabilities for the modern healthcare enterprise, while safely connecting caregivers to each other and promoting collaboration between healthcare professionals.

Optimizing Clinical Collaboration

Our solutions help improve collaboration between caregivers by allowing clinicians, regardless of their location or device platform, to initiate a secure collaborative session and take advantage of tools including the ability to share screens, grant user control, mark annotations, and initiate audio/visual conferencing.


Accredited for Diagnosis

Our enterprise viewer helps your clinicians perform medical diagnosis from any desktop computer, laptop or mobile device across the entire enterprise using our HTML 5 web-based platform. 
Note: The Enterprise Viewer is not meant to be used for primary interpretation of medical images as it does not offer dictation or reporting capabilities.

Singular access to all clinical data from an enterprise universal viewer (2)

Conserus Enterprise Viewer

Enterprise Viewer is the workflow orchestration solution for providers that need to view studies at any time from across the enterprise, using a powerful set of diagnostic tools that helps them collaborate from any location.

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McKesson Radiology™ Clinical Reference Viewer

A powerful and easy-to-use single viewing solution that provides radiologists and clinicians access to all images within our Radiology Solution, helping to address the mobile-workflow requirements of your imaging team.

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