Imaging Analytics Consulting Solutions

Imaging Analytics Consulting Solutions is a comprehensive suite of services for healthcare providers that need to gain a holistic view of medical imaging data that is clinically accessible and easier to benchmark across the enterprise.

Drive Actionable Imaging Operation Insights

Extract clinical data intelligence to help improve operational efficiency and patient care while addressing the shift in reimbursements from volume to value-based care.

Provide visualizations to gain rapid insights for performance improvement.

Develop a comprehensive imaging analysis program to track quality, productivity, and outcomes.

Deploy improved automation and accuracy of management reports to drive efficiency

Our Medical Imaging Analytics Consulting Solutions

Single source of truth

  • Source authoritative data from the most relevant application first, ensuring each data point is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Data consolidated into a centralized location (enterprise level dashboard) with near real-time refresh rates and access.
  • Standardized measurements (metrics, definitions) to ensure consistent reporting and easy end-user reporting based on your strategic KPIs and benchmarking.

Enterprise-wide healthcare data analytics

  • Assess performance, with visualizations drillable to individual sites and departments.
  • Access insights to optimize capacity to match demand.
  • Optimize scheduling and the patient journey experience.

Vendor agnostic

  • Vendor agnostic (Change Healthcare and / or 3rd party integrations).
  • On premise and cloud enabled.
  • On premise deployment means PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and PHI (Protected Health Information) don’t leave your system.

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