EMR Risk Advisor

A customizable solution that leverages existing EMR capabilities and workflow for payers to address risk gaps at the point of care, enhance patient care, and drive financial performance.

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Improve Quality Outcomes


Address risk gaps at the point of care with actionable insights.


Enhance patient care during clinical encounters by displaying historical and predictive gaps in care.


Drive financial performance through efficiencies and reduced provider interaction.


Streamline data, gathering proactive, intelligent practices.


Improve payment data accuracy by capturing higher-quality diagnosis codes.


Decrease time spent on prospective and retrospective revenue management tactics.

Assess Risk at The Point of Care


Actionable data within the EMR

  • Easily access the patient medical record within the provider workflow.
  • Review the risk score gap information presented in the form of an alert in the patient record.
  • Refer to historical and predictive gaps to enable the appropriate care and documentation.

Risk gap closure

  • Capture both positive and negative responses from the provider within the EMR.
  • Reconcile responses to close gaps and filter out conditions.
  • Present and record information without any further review of interaction by the provider.

Proactive patient engagement

  • Drive target lists with a combination of machine-learning analytics and risk adjustment metrics.
  • Track baseline and capture rate, usage statistics, and outreach with reporting and dashboards.
  • Capture diagnosis codes for submission to state or CMS.

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