Eligibility & Patient Access

A real-time solution that provides patient profile and benefits insights at the point of service to ensure appropriate care delivery, as well as efficient and accurate reimbursement.

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Complete Patient Access


Access real-time eligibility and benefits information for providers to ensure appropriate payments are made and received by all parties.


Effectively manage referrals and prior authorizations to achieve improved patient access, as well as reduced administrative and medical costs.


Increase cost savings for payers and providers by ensuring accurate eligibility benefits information at point of service and efficiently managing member data.


Conduct automated eligibility transactions early in the process to help improve claim accuracy and associated cost savings.


Immediately communicate if a patient is eligible for the service being considered, including referrals and prior authorization needs.


Experience a seamless workflow by having real-time transactions driven from existing technology platforms.

Achieve Total Transparency in Benefits


Provider self service

  • Reduce costs by establishing benefit eligibility at point of service to ensure appropriate care is delivered and reimbursed. Real-time transactions are accessed with either a direct or hosted connection. 
  • Serve your provider networks in the best way possible with the availability of comprehensive member eligibility data. Real-time transactions are driven from existing technology platforms for seamless workflow.

Regulatory compliance

  • Facilitate regulatory compliance by connecting to virtually any system for all payer-to-provider HIPAA-mandated transactions with Change Healthcare’s nationwide network. 
  • Government benefit reporting mandates and facilitates HIPAA and CORE compliance. Our clearinghouse is also ENHAC certified.

Broad connectivity

  • Leverage the broad access of our Intelligent Healthcare Network™, which connects 800,000 physicians with 2,100 payers, to effectively expand your connectivity.

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