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Online claiming for more efficient submission, tracking, visibility, and payment - ultimately affording you more time ‘offline’.

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Integrated for Efficiency

increase process visibility

Increase visibility to processes with the ability to track claims from submission to adjudication.

get paid quickly securely

Get paid quickly and securely with electronic funds transfer.

connect with more than 700 payers

Connect with more than 700 payers nationwide to quickly check eligibility.

more time with patients

Spend more time with patients and clients and less time on paperwork.

reduce paperwork and storage

Reduce paperwork and storage needs with secure online claims processing and data storage.

create custom reports

Create custom reports to more effectively monitor and manage workflow.

Transition to Paperless Processes

connecting payers and providers

Connecting providers and payers

  • Utilize self-service provider applications for comprehensive and secure online eligibility submissions.
  • Submit, monitor, and validate claims status and payment details for improved remittance times.
  • Reduce re-work with our sophisticated claims engine that validates claims before they are submitted.
streamline your dental care business

Streamline your business

  • Spend less time managing details and more time connecting with patients and clients.
  • Create custom reports to view daily counts by provider, rejections by provider, missing NPIs, etc.
  • Decrease paper-shuffling and storage space by taking paperwork online.
activate cashflow

Activate cashflow

  • Get paid faster with claims submitted quickly and accurately.
  • Complement other programs and tools for a complete suite of solutions.
  • Add an inexpensive but comprehensive tool to existing practice management programs.

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