Elastic Healthcare Analytics

An advanced analytics solution for healthcare that uses de-identified data to unlock deep, granular insights about patients, providers, and payers.  

Maximize Data-Driven Outcomes

Ensure privacy and security while using de-identified data to solve critical healthcare cost, effectiveness, and quality challenges.

Understand patient and healthcare consumer needs through data-driven insights that lead to decisive action.

Employ advanced analytics in healthcare and near-real time compliance determination to guide better decision making and outcomes. 

Empower consumer decision-making as patients bear more of the cost of healthcare and require information to make their own decisions along the buying journey.

Advanced Healthcare Data Analysis in a Secure Hosted Environment

Combine Data Sets for Richer Analysis

  • Combine your proprietary data sets with third-party and Change Healthcare medical claims, pharmacy, dental, and lab order and results data sets.
  • Query and analyze data based on attributes such as procedures, disease states, prescriptions, reimbursement models, care settings, and more.
  • Measure transaction counts, transaction cycle times, billed and adjudicated amounts, unique patient counts, and co-morbidities, amongst other transactions.
  • Analyze different geographic regions and zip codes, as well as segments including payer, provider, and employer groups.

Unlock More Data-Driven Insights Securely 

  • De-identify personally identifiable information (PII) using encrypted tokens.
  • Follow sample size guidelines to ensure privacy such as a minimum number of data points for test samples.
  • Use commonly available, standard, secure, approved access, querying, and scripting software tools.

Choose Your Own Analytical Methodology

  • Build trained predictive models with unique algorithms and scoring binaries using a full range of statistical analyses, machine learning, and artificial Intelligence tools.
  • Preserve privacy and security for HIPAA compliance as Change Healthcare manages the certification process for every routine, helping to ensure that there is no access to PII.
  • Partner with a Change Healthcare project manager to help with onboarding, access, and questions as you work within EHA.

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