Applied Analytics for Network Leakage

An analytics solution for providers that want to identify opportunities to reduce out-of-network referrals and target potential physician partnerships to drive new revenue.

Improve Network Strength

Address out-of-network referrals to help increase potential revenue streams, build collaborative physician relationships, nurture patient loyalty, and optimize care quality.

Improve care coordination between providers to help contain costs and manage care quality. Help decrease the risk of poor clinical outcomes from individual out-of-network episodes.

Gain full visibility into the obstacles that prevent in-network referrals. Access comprehensive data that can help determine the causes of why leakage occurs.

Correct service gaps by aligning new solutions with specific needs. Create a more cohesive healthcare network system with intelligent, data-driven insights.

View referral data by specialty or physician, with detail that includes diagnoses, procedures, charges, and payer.

Change referral and utilization patterns with a plan to improve physician relationships. Monitor the impact of your physician outreach efforts on market share.

Address Service Gaps and Quality Issues

Explore referral patterns

  • Visualize claims data across your network to discover physician referral and utilization patterns that lead to lost revenue.
  • Identify when, why, and where physicians are referring patients out of network, as well as which out-of-network providers are referring into your network. Gain accurate, recent data that reflects true patterns.
  • Alter an individual physician’s referral patterns by guiding the conversation with meaningful, accessible data. Collaborate with physicians to redirect patients to new or overlooked in-network providers.
  • Generate an in-depth analysis of the types of patients a physician sees to establish more accessible in-network choices that can reduce the overall cost of care.

Align leakage corrections with business goals

  • Find opportunities to control network leakage with a thorough understanding of its causes. Quantify how leakage impacts your network, revenue, and ability to manage care.
  • Examine referral patterns to guide smart choices regarding partnerships, acquisitions, and selective outsourcing opportunities.
  • Stratify data to investigate physician referral trends by utilization, diagnosis, specialty, or procedure. Use data to guide the establishment of additional in-network primary and specialty care services.

Evolve your business strategy

  • Collect and review up-to-date network leakage data, making this information part of your organization’s business strategy.
  • Assess the efficacy of your organization’s strategies to contain leakage. Using near real-time data allows for immediate adjustments to correct missteps or expand your scope as necessary.
  • Use continual feedback to help leaders determine when an initiative reaches its potential, and when it is time to move to the next network-building opportunity.

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