Applied Analytics for Enterprise Imaging

An enterprise imaging solution for providers that want to improve radiology volumes and turnaround times via an integrated, collaborative workflow.

Improve Efficiency and Patient Outcomes

Help reduce complexity within Medical Imaging by sharing data between applications, decreasing errors and saving time and labor. Track quality, productivity, and outcomes with a comprehensive imaging analysis program.

Provide system-wide views of imaging data to gain efficiency and improve margins. Help reduce your reliance on siloed reporting with an automated, enterprise-wide view, transforming data into meaningful information.

Target specific data source issues to help improve efficiency, disrupt real-time behaviors, and increase the bottom line.

Measure staff productivity, turnaround times, capacity for demand planning, and quality via peer reviews and critical results, with performance drillable to individual sites and departments.

Optimize Your Radiology Services

Integrated radiology workflows

  • Connect medical imaging systems with electronic health records to provide historical context to support better, more collaborative patient care.
  • Develop data integration standardization processes to drive radiology data and analytics governance, while supporting existing IT procedures.
  • Aggregate, store, and view data in a visualization tool to expose gaps in data capture as well as quality and workflow issues.

Single point data application

  • Compile siloed sources into one application, accessible through a single-entry point. Address multiple business needs via one composite source.
  • Provide multiple levels of detail for each metric, including patient-level detail filtered by user-defined criteria. Separate visualizations cater to hospital, departmental, and radiologist needs.
  • Customize visualizations for each organization’s specific requirements. Provide frequently requested metrics with ease, helping to reduce data collection times.

Advisory services

  • Learn how to transform data into meaningful information. Our Advisory Services team will help you begin to use your Imaging data as a strategic asset.
  • Create an Outcomes Achievement Plan that defines your business objectives and success measures. Determine which key performance indicators to measure against before customizing your dashboards to reflect your priorities.
  • Develop operational deployment plans for end-user training and logical workflow integration. Our Advisory Services provide the education and coaching you need for system adoption.

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