Conserus Workflow Intelligence™

Conserus Workflow Intelligence™ is a workflow orchestration solution that helps radiologists, imaging departments and radiology practices automate and manage their quality and interpretation workflows across the enterprise.

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Smart Workflow Starts with a Smart Worklist


Improve productivity by aligning demand with supply. Dynamic assignment automatically escalates and assigns studies to the most appropriate, available physician.


Facilitate communication through collaboration tools and automated notifications.


Drive collaboration across the enterprise through a smart, universal worklist that incorporates quality and interpretations tasks in one place.


Measure and improve quality through best practice workflows like Anonymous Peer Review, Critical Results, Technologist Review, ED Radiology Communication, Mammo Image Review, and custom workflows that meet your facility’s unique needs


Improve efficiency by contributing to quicker turnaround times and reduced length of stay.


Measure your performance and visualize your data through analytics that are robust, scalable, and flexible.

Flexible Workflow Management for Today’s Complex Reading Environment


Automatic assignment and prioritization

  • Advanced escalation model with up to 99 priority levels to balance and distribute workload, including: subspecialty, time of day, department, facility, urgency of study, etc.
  • Seamless communication with colleagues both inside and outside the hospital through automatic notifications and real-time collaboration.
  • Vendor-neutral solution incorporates studies from multiple PACS or facilities into a single worklist.

Enterprise-level quality workflows

  • Standardizes quality workflows like peer review, critical results, technologist review, mammo image review and ED-radiology communication across any size organization.
  • Integrated with PACS to ensure an uninterrupted workflow for radiologists and technologists.
  • Anonymous peer review ensures focus remains on peer learning and quality improvement.

Customized solution for radiology practices

  • End-to-end workflow, image management, viewing, and analytics solution.
  • Intelligent worklist to orchestrate workflow across all sites, regardless of PACS.
  • Consulting services to assess and optimize operations.

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